Thursday, March 3, 2011

Maori Dice

Maori Dice. Sometimes you need dice for a game - or you just need to learn Maori numbers...from one to six. Or you need to learn the numbers, but are lazy and want to play a game instead.

Either way, use the dotted dice until you think you've got it, then graduate to the dice without the dots.

You get two on the download page. Instructions are on there, but basically you:


* Trim die
* Fold along the bold lines
* Glue tabs (in order shown on page)
* Wait a while between each gluing section, so die will keep their shape
* After the last glue and wait, turn die upside down, so the weight will help keep their shape
* If you use card, after the last glue, put something (light) on it to weight while they dry

Download Maori Dice
Password is 'dice' (no apostrophes)
Happy gaming!

 Want some Game Ideas for Maori Dice?

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