Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Backpacks and Sharpies

These backpacks were $4 at The Warehouse at a 'back to school' sale. My mate was going back to school to learn Maori so I thought I'd give her something to take her lunch in. (Lunch boxes ain't big enough lol)

Armed myself with a Black Sharpie and got practicing  Koru Art Lessons

Started on the top, front, top of  pocket, front of pocket...

...then the shoulder straps...

...  = a lunch box to be jealous of.

Of course I made one for myself (selfish thing that I am) and took it as hand luggage on the plane when I went to Oz (no I didn't have my lunch in it). Got lots of friendly 'hello's from Kiwis while over there....nice!


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